Save as Much as Possible on Your Energy Bill with these Expert HVAC Tips and Tricks

Cut Costs


If saving money is on your list, then it might be time to get a little creative when it comes to keeping your cash. You don’t have to stop eating out or going to the movies once a week. There are cost-effective ways to save money right in your own home, on your energy bill. Check out how.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Home ThermostatHow many times have gotten out of bed and thought – wow, it’s freezing in here. Wouldn’t it be nice to already have the temperature adjusted before you wake? Well, now you can, if you decide to install a programmable thermostat. It can change the temperature for you before you get up in the morning so that you can skip the slippers.

Adjusting the temperature throughout the day 5-10 degrees can save you up to 20% on your energy bill. For as little as $25.00, you can make a huge investment in your home, with the return on that investment being far more than what you paid originally.

Programmable thermostats are easy to install, and you can pick one up at any hardware store. They are compatible with most systems, excluding the electric baseboard heating systems, which require a ‘line voltage’ system.

Using Curtains and Drapes to Control the Temperature in Your Home

Curtains & DrapesThere are many types of window coverings that can make a home look more welcoming and luxurious. Opting for curtains or drapes will not just keep your home decor current, it will also help save on your energy bill.

Drapes and curtains create a seal, keeping cold air from coming in, or warm air from getting out, depending on the season you’re in. Be sure to get a pair, as they create a better seal, and have them fall to the floor or window sill.

Draw the drapes at night, and keep them drawn during the day over the windows that don’t get much sunlight. Picking drapes over other window coverings can save you up to 33% on your energy consumption. That’s a lot of coin in the bank.

Seal Air Leaks in Your Home’s Duct System

Duct SystemLeaks in your air ducts can account for 25-30% of your energy losses, and rack up your bill pretty quick. Checking for leaks can be annoying, but is necessary if you want to keep your heating/cooling costs low.

Look for gaps or holes on the joining ducts; this is typically where leaks occur. If you see spaces around these areas, you can easily seal them yourself with heat-approved tape. You can pick this up at your local hardware store. The best types to buy are duct mastic, butyl, and foil tape. Avoid using masking tape or any tape that is not heat approved.

If you notice one or more rooms in your house frequently cold or too hot, there may be some disconnected ducts in your walls. This is a job for a professional, and it might be time to give them a call.

You don’t have to stop living to start saving. Use these expert tips to keep your heating and cooling system in check, and keep your Tuesday date nights. Life is too short to worry about bills, and now you can rest a little easier and a little warmer this year.

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