Want To Know How To Get A Plumbing Permit? Read This Guide


Getting work done on your plumbing can occur for a number of reasons. Something may have broken down, and you require a quick repair to make sure your home or business can still reliably get drinking water in faucets and water to toilets. Or maybe it’s time for an upgrade, or a renovation to key parts of your plumbing infrastructure, like a new bathroom.

Whatever the case, your best for getting a job done well and right is to engage the services of an experienced Indianapolis plumber. But there’s one thing that you might not know about how plumbing jobs work, and that’s that sometimes, you need a permit in order to legally begin the job.

How A Plumbing Permit Works

The name is simple and says it all. A plumbing permit is a legal document issued by the city that gives permission for the work you want to get done to actually be done. It’s a record with the city that states that a work request has not only applied for, it’s been approved, and that a certified Indianapolis plumber has done the job according to the building code requirements of the time.

This type of permit may seem like a hassle, but in reality, it brings you a lot of peace of mind, especially if you’re looking at your home or business as an investment. A plumbing permit means that the work you’ve done is known, legally approved, and “safe.” So if you’re trying to sell your home, that new bathroom renovation with additional pipes installed is on record, and the buyers know exactly where it stands in relation to being legal with the city.

When Do You Need It?

An Indianapolis plumber, should, if they are certified and experienced, always be able to tell you when a plumbing permit will be required. But a safe rule of thumb is to assume if that if the work isn’t major, you don’t need a permit for it.

So if you’re calling a plumber because there’s a blockage in your sewer drainage pipe, and all they’re doing is clearing it, you won’t need a permit for this. However, if this is a pretty big job, with a sizable change to your home, such as the previous example of deciding to renovate your home, and add an additional bathroom, this is a different story.

If you’re making a major addition or change to your home, even just getting a new water heater installed, this will require a plumbing permit.

Paying For It

Plumbing permits aren’t free, but the cost varies depending on the scope of the job. If it’s a general repair or installation, the usual fee in Indianapolis is $89, but if it’s a major alteration or remodel, the permit is $153 if under 1000 square feet. If this same type of work is done for business or commercial purposes, then the permit will be $182 in cost.

While it may seem like a bureaucratic distraction a plumbing permit is important for your plumbing work in Indianapolis, IN. Always make sure you have a certified Indianapolis plumber doing the work and getting the right permits to ensure your new plumbing work is verified and legal.

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