How to Extend Your Water Heater’s Life?


Can you imagine running a nice, relaxing bath… only to step into ice cold water? Unfortunately, these things happen, but there are ways to avoid it. Although every appliance needs to be replaced from time to time, the proper water heater maintenance can extend your heater’s life for a long period, and keep your repair costs at the same time.

Part of being a responsible homeowner is knowing how to keep your appliances in top shape, including your water heater. Keep reading for a few tips on how to do so!

Make Sure it Has the Right Pressure

Even though it may seem that your water heater pressure is exactly perfect, it still may need to be turned down. The thing about heat is that it makes things expand. Now add in pressure. Pressure pushing out water will cause friction, causing more heat.

Pressure, heat, fast-flowing water–this might not cause any problem right away–but it can cause more wear and tear on a water heater. While this change may be subtle, it can cause issues for your water heater.

Coincidentally, low water pressure can also be a signal that something is wrong with your system as well, so you should always be on the lookout for that.

Flush the Tank

Flushing your water heater tank should probably be done every one to three years. It’s a fairly simple task, and the majority of it is waiting for the tank to cool. This process has plenty of benefits including:

  • Removal of any sediment buildup.
  • Identifies any hidden leaks or rust.
  • Provides you with cleaner water.
  • Improves water heater performance.
  • Extends the life of your system significantly.

While some DIY homeowners may try this on their own, it’s always best to leave it to a professional plumber. Plumbers will not only flush the water heater but also make any minor repairs and replacements as needed.

Put the Temperature Down a Bit

It’s unlikely that you crank the heat up all the way on the shower when you use it. In fact, plenty of people overestimate the amount of heat being put out by their water heaters. This usually leads to an amusing dance of ‘ooh, ooh, that’s hot!’

That dance might be funny, but it definitely wouldn’t be if it scalded a child. The point to this is that the majority of people don’t use the hottest water setting. If this is true for you, consider lowering the water heater temperature.

The department of energy suggests a temperature of 120 degrees. This is not only for energy purposes, but also it helps to keep the tank free of bacteria, while also extending the life of your water heater as hot water that’s too hot can cause the tank to deteriorate faster than it should.

Maximizing Your Water Heater

Although these tips are quite an easy DIY, it’s important to call a professional if there is any question about how to perform them. It’s also a good idea to include a plumbing professional’s advice when deciding the best course of maintenance for your water heater.

Peterman Heating, Cooling, Plumbing has a reliable staff of plumbers available to help you with all your water heater service. Whether you’re looking to provide your water heater with regular upkeep or are looking for something a little more technical, their plumbers can help.

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