Signs You Need to Replace the Duct Work in Your Home

Your home’s ductwork is crucial to your comfort since they circulate warm or cool air to regulate your temperature and indoor air quality. Most of the ducts are hidden from view behind the walls or crawl space. Since you cannot see the ducts most of the time, you can easily forget to service them to ensure they are working correctly.

Components of Your Duct System
Your duct system is composed of various parts that work together to ensure that it properly distributes air. Here are the various parts of your duct system.

The ducts are pipes and trunks that form the main passage for cooled or heated air to circulate throughout your home. They are a network of duct pipes that flow from the duct trunk to the various rooms in your home. The main duct from the furnace is called the duct trunk, and it’s usually made of steel. Others are made of aluminum, which is flexible and used where there are a lot of corners.

The plenum is attached to the ducts and stores air for your HVAC system. Typically, your ductwork has two plenums filled with heated or cool air and then released into the air ducts. As the air from one plenum enters the ducts, the existing air is forced into another plenum and released outside.

Duct Transitions
Duct transitions connect the pipes and trunks. They help to connect the ducts to fit the specific shape of your home. Specialized connectors and duct transitions are attached to form pathways for conditioned air to circulate throughout your home.

Refrigerant Lines
Refrigerant lines transport the refrigerant to the compressors, which enable your HVAC system to cool or heat the air.

The Role of Your Ductwork
The ducts play a vital role in your HVAC system, even though most people overlook them. They ensure that your home has an even distribution of temperature. When you have a proper air duct design, the ducts the right amount of heated or cool air to maintain your comfort. To ensure that you keep the drop in pressure within the manufacturer’s specifications, your ducts should be sized appropriately in proportion to your house. Sealing your ducts maintains proper airflow and ensures that air from the outdoors does not enter your home.

Your ducts maintain neutral pressure in your house by balancing the supply and return of airflow. They also reduce gains and losses in air temperature. This helps to control the variations in temperature between the air handler and supply and return registers. When the temperature changes are too low or too high, your ducts will not be efficient, increasing energy bills.

Common Duct Work Problems
Your ductwork is affected by various problems that may lower its efficiency. They can also shorten the service lifespan of your ducts and lead to high energy bills. Here are the common ductwork problems.

Leaking Ductwork
Your home may lose about 20-40% of conditioned air through leaking ductwork. This makes your HVAC system work harder to cool or heat your home. Leakages can also allow indoor air contaminants to enter your home lowering your indoor air quality. If you notice you have leaking ducts, you can contact a qualified HVAC company like Peterman Brothers to seal your ducts. We are highly experienced and will fix your ducts to improve efficiency.

Improperly Designed Duct Work
If your ductwork is not designed correctly, it cannot circulate air effectively or efficiently throughout your house. Ensure that your ductwork is properly designed and installed to operate efficiently.

Dirty Air Ducts
Dirty air ducts can lower your indoor air quality affecting your health and comfort. Getting your ducts professionally cleaned will help to remove air pollutants and improve your home comfort.

Damaged Ducts
Your ducts can get kinked, twisted, torn, or crushed due to pressure. This may constrict airflow, which can lead to high energy bills. Proper duct repair will restore efficiency and proper airflow.

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Ducts
Typically, your ductwork can last between 10 to 15 years before you have to replace it. After this period, they face issues that require frequent repairs. Replacing your ductwork can increase the efficiency of your ducts and prevent costly repairs. Here are signs that you need to replace your ducts.

High Utility Bills
If you notice your energy bills are rising significantly, you could be losing energy through ductwork leakage. Some air may escape from your ducts, but when it’s over 20%, you start noticing changes in your energy bills. When a lot of air is escaping, your HVAC system has to overwork to cool or heat your home. This also increases wear and tear on your system. Replacing your energy bills can lower your energy bills and restore efficiency.

Poor Indoor Air Quality
When your ductwork has holes, air contaminants such as dirt and biological pollutants can enter your indoor air. This can affect your family’s health by triggering allergies and asthma attacks. You may start experiencing irritated nose, and eyes among other health problems. Peterman Brothers provide quality ductwork replacement in Indianapolis, IN. We will work to restore your health and indoor air quality. Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced and guarantee complete satisfaction.

Uneven Cooling and Heating
If you notice some rooms in your home are colder or warmer than others, your ductwork may need replacement. You can use an indoor thermometer to check for any inconsistencies in your room temperatures. When your ducts have leaks, some rooms do not receive sufficient cool or warm air leading to cold and hot spots.

Strange Noises
Your HVAC system usually produces low noises when it’s operational. However, if you hear strange and loud noises coming from your system, your ductwork might be the problem. The noise is produced when your ducts are vibrating too much when circulating conditioned air. The ducts are connected via fiberglass or plastic joints that may produce noise when they become loose or damaged.

Presence of Mold and Dust in Your Home
Dust can easily make its way into your home. However, if the amount of dust in your home is too high, your ductwork might cause the problem. Leaks in your ductwork allow dust to enter your home through the vents.

Similarly, if your house has uneven heating and cooling, mold can grow on parts of your home. You may notice a musty smell that indicates the presence of mold. This usually happens when warm air travels through cold ducts, and it condenses. This creates moisture encourages the growth of mold and mildew. Mold can destroy your furniture and cause health problems.
Faulty ductwork can also lead to pest infestation in your home. Gaps and holes in your duct can allow pests like rodents and bugs to enter your indoor air. The pests can produce unpleasant smells, noises or spread bacteria in your home. If you notice signs of molds, you need to replace your duct.

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